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Sony Ericsson HBH-PV-715 / 720 / 740 Bluetooth headsets

Sony Ericsson - the brains behind Bluetooth, however self-centered that may sound - is planning to announce three awesome-looking Bluetooth headsets on the 17th this month. These three all offer superior battery life and - in my opinion - look very slick.

They’ve all got some features in common. These are up to 800 hours of battery life in standby mode (that’s over a month of battery life!) or up to 11 hours of talk, auto-pairing, digital noise reduction (DSP), auto volume-leveling, removable ear-hooks, as well as Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rates (EDR) for a faster and more stable connection.

HBH-PV-715 seems to be the cheapest of the three, and is - once again, in my opinion - the better looking of the bunch as well. It’ll come in either the pictured white trimming or a black one.

HBH-PV-720 is the headset for the more sophisicated and fashionable of us. You can personalize its look with StyleUp covers, and it comes with a pouch and a silver necklace.

HBH-PV-740 is the professional headset for the business man or woman. It’s the only one of the headsets to feature a status display, and it’s the only one to come with a headset desk stand and USB charger. Apart from that, you also get the silver necklace with the HBH-PV-740.

No word on availablity or price on these ones, although the price will probably be in the range of £60 - £100

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