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VAIO® UX Micro PC - Premium Model

Intel Core™ 2 Solo processor U2200 (1.2GHz, 2MB L2 cache)
Genuine Windows Vista® Business

Series Features: Ultra-portable micro PC, 2 built-in cameras, wireless WAN, Bluetooth® technology
Upgrade Features: 48GB Solid State Drive for faster performance, large capacity battery and Bluetooth® GPS receiver

Free case included.

In stock. Estimated ship date: 03/13/2008.

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Laser Engraving

A lightning-fast, full-functioning PC that fits in your pocket, this astoundingly compact device puts world-class computing in the palm of your hand. Featuring a cutting-edge, 48GB Solid State Drive and three to seven hours of battery life with a large capacity battery, the VAIO® UX Premium Micro PC is small enough to fit in your pocket and powerful enough to tackle the most complicated tasks. An Intel® Core™ 2 Solo ULV processor and a Windows Vista® Business operating system make the VAIO® UX a perfect fit in today's mobile computing landscape where power and portability are essential. And with advanced wireless technologies to keep you connected and a bundled Bluetooth® GPS receiver to keep you on course when traveling, you?ll be able go farther and do more than you could imagine.

Full-sized PC performance

Intel® Core™ 2 Solo Processor14 U2200 Ultra Low Voltage (1.2GHz1) Genuine Windows Vista® Business16 operating system The VAIO® UX Premium takes Micro PC modernization to a new level by utilizing a 48GB2 Solid State Drive (SSD) in place of the typical spinning hard disk drive found in most PCs. AT&T national wireless EDGE network13 to extend your wireless coverage beyond LAN access networks and hotspots3

Ultra-portable Micro PC

Enjoy such features as the slide-up LCD with two cameras, the dedicated control buttons placed within easy reach along the vertical thumb rests and the cleverly designed full QWERTY keyboard embedded in the UX Premium’s curved hand-held form factor. The UX features an integrated biometrics fingerprint sensor, which is a convenient and secure way to protect your computer and the information on it with a simple swipe of your finger. To make sure you have the power you need to stay productive when traveling, as well as to keep you from losing your way, we’ve bundled the UX490N Micro PC with a large capacity battery and a Bluetooth® GPS receiver.

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