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Now with RAID 0,1,5 The most extreme gaming laptop made today. Quad Core CPU, 17 inch LCD 8800GTX w/SLI Dual Video with 1024MB DDR 3 video RAM. For the person who needs a 100% desktop replacement or for the person who needs the fastest laptop made.


8800GTX with 512MB of video DDR3 RAM and a Dual 2 Core Extreme Intel CPU a perfect match for the gamer who cant afford the weight or price of the D900C.


Finally a 17" Laptop you can afford. Dedicated Video card and a Core 2 Duo CPU that is perfect for the business man or college student or anyone who isn't made of money.

◄◄◄ MTECH 670SU

The first 17" laptop that you can afford. We are talking power, performance at a very nice price. We mean VERY NICE!


The 665SU is the little brother to the M670SU, but don't call it little. This laptop may be only 15.4" but it has the attitude of a 17" laptop. Imagine, a Dual Core CPU and a Dedicated RAM Video card starting at $905. Size does matter, the less you spend the better.


Buy an MTECH D900C built any way you want and get a MTECH 665 at a reduced rate

The average laptop customer would be happy to find a laptop manufacturer that could offer all of these features .
  • SATA II hard drive with 3GB transfer rate

      • Twice as fast as other SATA drives!

  • Solid State Hard Drives

      • Twice as fast as other SATA drives and much lower power consumption

  • Quad Core CPU's

      • Double the cores of a Core 2 Duo!

      • Double the L2 Cache of other CPU's

  • Two NVidia 880M GTX video cards

      • SLI Video means way better video performance of the other laptops.

  • 880MHz DDR2 RAM

      • 20% faster than other laptops’ RAM!

  • 1066MHz Front Side Bus

      • Twice the speed of other laptops FSB

  • Three hard drives

      • Three times the number of hard drives on other laptops!

  • Blu-Ray Optical drives with 50GB storage capacity

      • 10 times the storage capacity of a DVD!


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